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People Pump Motor Group Co.,Ltd   is a modern pump industry enterprise engaged in profes-sional manufacture, scientific research, development, sales and service. It is a non-circum scription company and have subsidiary companys in zhejiang and shanghai. It owns advanced production eq-uipment and various articles in different sizes. It also has a pump test lab with complete functions. T-he final assembly of our products use the assembly operating line. It can provide a good machining condition and reliable estimate methods...

About people

Company follow the principle of "equality and mutual benefit, high quality and small profits", we foll-ow theh science and technology line in our company's develpyme-nt and bettering the service syste-m by the best reputation...

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Our main products: Full-automat-ic pressure and frequency conve-rsion speed regulation water-su-pply fire equipment , No negative-pressure and frequency conversi-on speed regulation water-supply equipment(pipe network ...

Team spirit
People Pump Motor Group Co.,Ltd is a high-speed operation of the machine, this m-achine is that each employee's p-art. How to Make This machine is to func-tion well, trust is the prerequisite, no mutual trust...
If you have any questions or sug-gestions, you can direct a mess-age, we will get back to you, if you do not want a message, you can also send us an e-mail, we will contact you as soon as possible!
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Telephone: 021-36161501
400 number: 4008 820 198
4001 807 333
fax: 0576-86330361
People Water Pump Electrical And Mechanical Group     Tel:021-36161501  0576-86312000     E-mail:sale@peoplepump.com   Zhe ICP:12032444-1